Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Vintage" Polymer Clay Buttons

I love vintage buttons! During this past year, I have found some but found myself in a little dilemna. I want to use them but then again, I did not want to use them. So, I found out that I can made molds of just about anything so that is what I did. I created molds of some of my favorite vintage buttons and some not so vintage but unique.

I used Polymer Clay on the molds and almost like magic, I re-created my favorite buttons in clay. The wonderful thing about clay is that it comes in many colors and I can mix the clay to create new colors! After I bake the buttons, I spray it with a sealer and they are done...ready to be used. I use them in many of my layered felted wool flowers (embellishment and pins) and scrapbook pages.

Now, whenever I want to use a "vintage" style button, I don't have a problem using them on my projects because I can always make more!

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