Friday, September 21, 2012

Felted Wool Happy Snow-People Couples

I create items that I love.  In my home, snowmen have always been a favorite.  In fact, during Christmas time, our home is decorated with many Christmas Trees (if I told you how many, you would not believe it).  Anyway, we have two trees that stand side by side...decorated in nothing but snowmen.  Snowmen from our travels, craft shows, gifts from friends and of course, a few I have created over the years.  It is quit a collection.  The base of these tress are covered in layers of stuffed snowmen.  So, when I tell you our home loves Snowmen, it's really true.

I wanted to create felted wool snowmen with a vintage feel to them.  I thought of simple embellishments like German glass glitter, vintage buttons and a Martha Stewart yarn with the feel of tinsel.  On my post from August 9, 2012, you can see I had created my little prototype snowmen.  As usual, I was sidetrack by other projects, like creating more vintage linen pin cushions since my inventory had dwindled pretty much to nothing.   And, the inspiration struck to create my mix media Halloween Houses and origami style paper dresses (including Halloween theme).

So my little snowmen project was on hold for over a month.  During that time, I realized I wanted to create Snow-women.  How do I do that while maintaining the vintage feel?  I wanted these Snow people to become a happy couple.  The inspiration came from my studio where I have a wide variety of vintage doilies.  I found doilies small enough to create little aprons.  It still needed something else.  Vintage paper flowers....vintage crochet doilies!  It all came together in a way that made me happy.

These snow-people took more time that I anticipated, mostly because they are all slightly different.  I really want to sell these in upcoming show/markets as couples.  I guess if someone only wants to buy one or the other, I should do that....but to be honest, I don't know if I will.  I know it's silly,but, I really want them to  stay a happy couple. 

So here are my little sweet Snow-people couples:

A little experiment, I started by adding a touch of German Glass glitter to the snowmen.  I decided I liked them more without the glitter, so only a few of them have the glitter.  The vintage mother of pearl buttons have a side covered with German Glass, only the buttons have the German glass glitter.

Created a few snowmen with ear muffs using German glass glitter. 

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