Monday, September 3, 2012

A Paris Street Market

A Paris Street Market this past Saturday was a good show.  The weather was hot but not windy...that is until 2:30 p.m.(30 minutes before the show ended at 3:00).  The clouds came and a brisk wind set in.  Laura and I scrabbled to  move many items from the tables down to the floor since many of the items I sell are lightweight.  Then, around 2:45 the wind suddenly stopped and the sun came back...yeah, if you live in Colorado this crazy weather would not surprise you. 

Staci had her booth next to mine so we had a good time chatting in between sales.  My friend Carla came by and stayed a while to visit with Laura and me.  Lisa, Sophie and her aunt came by in the afternoon and as usual, we had a nice visit.  Lisa's mom visited the booth in the morning.  So it really was a nice day and Laura was a great helper.

The big seller items were the new batch of pin cushions.  Last week I worked on creating many new Halloween Mix Media Houses...they were just fun.  However, these houses took longer -- everything always take longer than I estimate.  Anyway, that meant I started on my new batch of vintage linen pin cushions on Thursday.  So, it's Friday ...actually Saturday at 1:00 a.m. and I am still working on the final assembly of these pin cushions.  Crazy, I know but I had next to nothing left of my vintage linen pin cushions and felt I needed to just finish that batch.

Turns out, it's good I did because these were selling like hotcakes.  I did not even have time to take proper photos of my pin cushions because I just wanted to go to bed.

I have been working really hard today to update my Etsy store.  It had been somewhat neglected and decided it was time to give it some attention.  My goal is to have a sample of everything I sell at my booths.  I am almost there, I did post more tote bags, dress-forms, Halloween Houses and even some vintage linen birds.  I don't have proper photos to list new pin cushions but I will work on that during the next few days.  My workspace is a real mess so I better tackle that then photos of new items... then listings on Etsy.

Anyway, here are the only pictures I have of my newest vintage linen pin cushions:

Extra Large French Tart Tins...sold many of these

More of the extra large vintage linen pin cushions

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