Friday, September 28, 2012

Glitter Halloween Mix Media Houses

Previously, I made several post of my mix media Halloween Houses here,  here and here.  I found more paper mache houses at Michaels and purchased a few more on-line.  The paper mache houses I found on-line are different dimensions that the original houses I found about a month ago at Michaels.  Some are taller and some are the same design, just smaller.  I wanted to experiment with covering the roof and chimney of these houses with black and silver glitter rather than paper like I did previously.

Although it did take a little less time to complete, the clean up time was much more than just adding glitter as an accent.  For two days, when I picked up my son Alex from school I literally sparkled!  I tried to clean up before I left the house to get Alex but the glitter was just on me...everywhere....including my hair.  Cleaning up my workspace was quit an ordeal so although I love the results of having glittered Halloween houses, not sure about the mess.

Although, there is one house where I really liked the experiment of letting the paper design take over.  In this case it's a vampire paper from the Martha Stewart paper line.  I loved how the tree just keeps going onto the rooftop and how I got the entire vampire on the side front of the house.  I added black and green glitter just as an accent and on the roof.   I carefully cut the paper so the illusion would not be destroyed so the lid lined up with the bottom portion of the house:

I plan on doing the same style houses with Christmas theme papers.  I will probably make most of them with paper on the roofs and then a few with glitter.  Although I will also experiment on creating some vintage looking houses with the silver/white glitter and vintage mica snow (no paper at all).  But first, next week I plan on playing with bleaching little bottle brush Christmas Trees.  I may try dyeing a few, not sure but will definitely add silver German glass glitter and vintage mica snow.  Hopefully, I will have those ready (the trees and maybe a handful of Christmas Theme Houses) for the Friends of Littleton Craft show on October 6, 2012.

But, my newest Halloween Houses will be available tomorrow at Sweet Williams Market:

love how the tree wraps itself around the house...
Mostly all Glitter!

I found these little unfinished wooden birdhouses at JoAnn's.  I covered up the birdhouse holes so they would just be little houses.  These all all glitter with a few decorative elements ...another experiment. 
 And, finally while at Michaels I found these little paper mache halloween coffins.  I added glitter to the sides and paper to the top.  These were easy, quick and fun.


  1. You are so creative. I hope you don't mind but I plan to bookmark your page and browse...hopefully you won't get tired of hearing from me! - I love finding amazing new blogs to follow. Thank you for sharing all you do :)