Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Potion Bottles

I have been thinking about the upcoming Holiday season...Halloween and even Christmas.  As you may have seen in recent posts, I created many one of a kind Mix Media Halloween Houses.  These houses have inspired me to think about creating houses for Christmas and even year round theme houses.  I love mix media and recently found wonderful papers I am looking forwarding to using on future mix media houses.  However, in an effort to stay focused...a challenge for my creative mind, I need to work on completing in progress creations for upcoming shows/markets.

For instance, in the works for several weeks have been my little felted wool snowmen/snow-women...more on that later.

Frequently, part of the reason for my difficulty in staying focused is my weekly estate sale shopping.  I find vintage treasures that inspire me.  I want to create these items while I am inspired, frequently sometimes resulting in in-progress items to remain in-progress.  So, this past week I decided it was time to finish some of my in-progress inventory which I can now say I have completed....

  •  Felted Wool Snowmen/Snow-women with Vintage Doilies/Lace/Buttons
  • Vintage Tablecloth Snowmen/Snowmen
  • Vintage Linen Buttons
  • Felted Wool Poinsettia Pins with Vintage Button/Jewelry Centers
It's a good thing most of my in-progress inventory is complete because I  am very inspired by my recent vintage finds.  Last week's estate sale were extremely productive...maybe too productive!  I came across a sale where I found 60 vintage hankies (at a bargain price).  I found vintage crochet doilies like never before (again at a bargain).  I even found several wonderful cross stitch panels which are just asking to be transformed into the focal point of new tote bags.  I have so many ideas in my head now, it's a bit overwhelming.  

One of the finds from last week was a brand new spice rack with 24 empty bottles.  When I saw this I immediately thought....Halloween potion bottles.  That same night I found scrapbook paper by K & Company with the perfect sized potion labels.  A little Mod-podge, paint, glimmer mist and this is the result:

These will be available for sale at Sweet William Market on September 29, 2012

A preview of poinsettia pins:

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