Friday, November 22, 2013

Sugar Plum Bazaar Previews!

This year, I have created more vintage inspired Christmas items than ever before!  What is amazing to me is all this came about without a real plan.  Actually, I did have a plan but none of that happened.  I planned on making new iPad and Nook fabric covers with the girls and more Houses, some even dressed for the holiday.  Well, I have not even started on that and I must declare myself defeated.  No, the reality is I no longer have time or energy to create those fabric covers (which I love to make but it is an involved and time-consuming process).   My creative process took me in a totally different's all about a Vintage Inspired Christmas.

One creation inspired another and then another.  I took time to find ALL of my vintage Christmas estate purchases this past year.  Turns out I had quite a collection.

For this post, I will have a preview of new items I have created for Sugar Plum Bazzar

Vintage ornament box, vintage elf's and even vintage bottle brush tree make a sweet shadow box:

This year my sister from El Paso will be with me at Sugar Plum  Bazaar.  My sister and her two boys will be will us for Thanksgiving.  I have not told her yet, perhaps I will wait until next Friday, that my space at the Parkside Mansion is in the THIRD FLOOR.  You have to go up a narrow curving staircase.  All I know is my sister and I will be exhausted after we carry all my displays and boxes.   It is a small room on the 3rd floor, so I will have to get creative to display as much as I possibly can.

I will have lots and lots of vintage inspired ornaments, some created with a combination of vintage and new materials, some mostly vintage  and others mostly new materials.

A preview of my newest creations, available at SUGAR PLUM BAZAAR , Friday NOVEMBER 30 and Saturday, DECEMBER 1ST.

Small Angel Cloche

Vintage Putz houses inspired these little paper houses.  You can make a hole on the bottom and add them to your Christmas tree.   You can also use small battery operated tea lights.

Sweet Deer Cloche

Bell shaped tin + Silver Glass Glitter = Ornament

Created many of these little fun houses, will post later with more houses...

Tree Shaped tin mold, vintage tinsel, vintage tiny ornaments and lots of German Silver glass glitter = ornament

Donut shaped tin filled with greenery and vintage ornaments/beads create a mini "wreath" ornament

Finally, I have lots of vintage Cigar Boxes.  Altered them with paper, paint, Silver German Glass Glitter and vintage finds to create one of a kind shadowbox.  This is just one of many...again, hope to post more pictures in the days to come.

Tiny Tart Tin displays a tiny, tiny santa and tiny bottle brush tree...with Silver German glass glitter.

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