Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vintage Ornaments and Molds

When I am at an estate sale, there are certain items I am ALWAYS looking for.

  • Vintage Jell-O Molds and small tin molds
  • Vintage Embroidered/Lace Linens
  • Sewing Notions, especially Buttons ( I have a problem, I know!)
Sometimes I will get lucky and find other items that I love.  I don't always have a plan for them but I have learned not to worry about it.  The plan will come.... in time.

Normally, the Vintage Jell-O molds and other small tin molds I use them to create my vintage linen pin cushions.  Like:

These pin cushions were created in the last 2 weeks.

When I get these molds, sometimes I also buy the doughnut shape molds.  Although, I can't use the doughnut tin molds for the pin cushions, I have always liked them.

The plan for these doughnut tin molds took shape a week ago.  Create mini ornament wreath ornaments!

I also tried them with tiny pine-cones...

I decided to use the Jell-O molds I usually use to create pin cushions to create a miniature Vintage Christmas scene.  I was very happy with the results.

Now, perhaps for my favorite.

Using the tiny vintage ornament box itself to create an ornament...again, with a little vintage scene inside.  I have two sizes, small and tiny:

I finally finished setting up my area at the Checkered Corner, except for some small items I still have to add price tags (will have to get that done sometime tomorrow).  I took pictures but I don't have time to add them now, plus this post already has many pictures.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.

All my new Christmas items ( Isa Creations)  will be at Checkered Corner .  I will have the snow-girls, hand-dyed red vintage crochet tablecloths, the ornaments on this post and a handful of other items at  Pink Attic Cat this weekend.   Remember, Checkered Corner and Pink Attic Cat are only one block away from each other in downtown Littleton.   I will be at the Pink Attic Cat's warehouse cash register Friday until 2:15p.m.

The Checkered Corner will be open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Check link for details.

Amy from the Pink Attic Cat is having a Holiday Warehouse Sale on Friday and Saturday.   Many Vintage treasures that have been packed in boxes in her warehouse will become available for sale this weekend.  Check link for the Facebook page for details.


  1. This post is 3 years old, but I love it! I love these tins also and came across this looking for more Christmas ideas for them. Also love the pincushions and have bee thinking about making some. I made some pincushions with old copper plated baby shoes. :)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Christy. Happy you are creating with vintage items as well.

    2. Thanks for so much inspiration! May I ask how you attach the hanger for the mold ornaments? It looks like you might have put a hole in them for the hanging thread? Thanks.