Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Felted Wool + Vintage Trims = One of a kind SNOWGIRLS!

I wonder when I will sleep more than 4 hours at a time?  Perhaps Saturday?

I have had a surge in creativity and energy...perhaps it's the holidays that is fast approaching.

Last year I created felted wool snowmen and snowgirls...most of them are gone (sold).  So this year, creating more of my little snow people was on my Holiday to do list.  However, unlike last year where the snow girls were created using vintage white/cream doilies, this year I have added more color and perhaps, more personality.

This weekend is again super busy.  The Checkered Corner will be open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Check link for details.


Amy from the Pink Attic Cat is having a Holiday Warehouse Sale on Friday and Saturday.   Many Vintage treasures that have been packed in boxes in her warehouse will become available for sale this weekend.  Check link for the Facebook page for details.

Amy invited me to bring a sampling of my new vintage inspired items to this sale as well.  So Isa Creations will be at both, Checkered Corner and Pink Attic Cat this weekend.  I will be at the Pink Attic Cat's warehouse cash register Friday until 2:15p.m. (I have to pick up my son at school).
 I am currently working on my displays at the Checkered Corner.  I plan to take pictures and post them in a day or so.

 These are my new, larger size Snow girls.  They are about 10 inches tall (I need to measure, honestly not sure other than they are at least twice as tall of my other snowgirls).

I found a bag with these crochet "hats".  They are not really little hats they are small glass covers.  When I saw them, to me they were hats....for snow girls.  I created a pattern of snow girls to fit my little crochet hats.

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