Monday, November 25, 2013

Sugar Plum Bazaar - Vintage Inspired Paper Houses

This year, if you visit my booth's at Sugar Plum Bazaar (November 30th & December 1st) or  A Rue de Noel, A Paris Street Christmas (December 6 & 7th), you will find many Houses.  I find myself drawn to houses.   I have sewn them, painted them (mix media) and made them from various materials.

Houses ... different sizes and style and created from felt, vintage tablecloths and paper will be found at my booths this Christmas.

My latest is created using a Sizzix die I purchased a few months ago.  I just ordered battery operated tea lights to go inside these houses.  Tea lights will arrive tomorrow!

Here is the info on Sugar Plum Bazaar

  The back side of the house

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sugar Plum Bazaar - Vintage Altered Christmas Boxes

I am looking forward to spending time with my sister, her two boys and my family next week ... Thanksgiving week.  Unlike these last months of creating almost on a daily basis, I plan to take a break next week.  Although creating is very therapeutic for me, lately I realize I need a break.  Spending quality time with my family this coming week is something I truly look forward to.

Having my sister help me set up for Sugar Plum Bazaar next Friday will be special since she does not live in the area.  Hopefully, I can find space in my booth for my sister and I to both be at Sugar Plum on Saturday.

I have created many unique one of a kind items with many vintage treasures.  Today's post, I have pictures of several Altered Vintage Christmas Boxes:

 Created these little Christmas scenes inside vintage alter boxes.

 Outside the box with two vintage angels

Hope you can join me at Sugar Plum Bazaar.  The variety and quality of the vendors is fantastic. 

Inside a vintage altered cigar box, a red velvet sweet reindeer

Outside the red reindeer box
 Inside Vintage cigar box...a vintage deer along with vintage glittered bells
Outside the vintage  cigar box with vintage deer and glittered bells

Inside another vintage altered box with another red velvet deer

Outside the box...Vintage Santa Collage

A tall skinny altered vintage cigar box with only a sweet little bottle brush tree.  I love the image of the vintage Santa so I kept the contents of this box very simple.
 The front of the altered cigar box...a sweet little bird

I found three small wooden boxes.  I thought they would make a great shadow box.  

Vintage Snowman salt and pepper shakers, vintage bottle brush tree  and chalkboard paper create a sweet image.

Musical Vintage Pine cone Gnomes

Front of the vintage Altered Cigar post from yesterday's post.
 The inside of the vintage typewriter cover:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sugar Plum Bazaar Previews!

This year, I have created more vintage inspired Christmas items than ever before!  What is amazing to me is all this came about without a real plan.  Actually, I did have a plan but none of that happened.  I planned on making new iPad and Nook fabric covers with the girls and more Houses, some even dressed for the holiday.  Well, I have not even started on that and I must declare myself defeated.  No, the reality is I no longer have time or energy to create those fabric covers (which I love to make but it is an involved and time-consuming process).   My creative process took me in a totally different's all about a Vintage Inspired Christmas.

One creation inspired another and then another.  I took time to find ALL of my vintage Christmas estate purchases this past year.  Turns out I had quite a collection.

For this post, I will have a preview of new items I have created for Sugar Plum Bazzar

Vintage ornament box, vintage elf's and even vintage bottle brush tree make a sweet shadow box:

This year my sister from El Paso will be with me at Sugar Plum  Bazaar.  My sister and her two boys will be will us for Thanksgiving.  I have not told her yet, perhaps I will wait until next Friday, that my space at the Parkside Mansion is in the THIRD FLOOR.  You have to go up a narrow curving staircase.  All I know is my sister and I will be exhausted after we carry all my displays and boxes.   It is a small room on the 3rd floor, so I will have to get creative to display as much as I possibly can.

I will have lots and lots of vintage inspired ornaments, some created with a combination of vintage and new materials, some mostly vintage  and others mostly new materials.

A preview of my newest creations, available at SUGAR PLUM BAZAAR , Friday NOVEMBER 30 and Saturday, DECEMBER 1ST.

Small Angel Cloche

Vintage Putz houses inspired these little paper houses.  You can make a hole on the bottom and add them to your Christmas tree.   You can also use small battery operated tea lights.

Sweet Deer Cloche

Bell shaped tin + Silver Glass Glitter = Ornament

Created many of these little fun houses, will post later with more houses...

Tree Shaped tin mold, vintage tinsel, vintage tiny ornaments and lots of German Silver glass glitter = ornament

Donut shaped tin filled with greenery and vintage ornaments/beads create a mini "wreath" ornament

Finally, I have lots of vintage Cigar Boxes.  Altered them with paper, paint, Silver German Glass Glitter and vintage finds to create one of a kind shadowbox.  This is just one of many...again, hope to post more pictures in the days to come.

Tiny Tart Tin displays a tiny, tiny santa and tiny bottle brush tree...with Silver German glass glitter.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Checkered Corner and The Pink Attic Cat in Downtown Littleton

The Checkered Corner will be open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Follow this link for details on location and times.

While most of my inventory will be at the Checkered Corner this weekend, a sampling of my newest items will available at the Pink Attic Cat this Friday and Saturday.  Follow this Link to Facebook for details on location and times.

I will be helping at the cash register at the Pink Attic Cat's Warehouse Sale tomorrow until it is time for me to go pick up my son Alex from school.

Here are the pictures of my items in the upstairs bedroom at the Checkered Corner.

I created MANY Vintage Inspired Stockings and Felted Wool Typewriter Ornaments:

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And, since Thanksgiving is around the corner, I do have a small section dedicated to it...