Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Mix Media Canvas

Most of the items I created, in the last several months,  have been for my business Isa Creations.  Every once in a while, I just want to create something for my home...for me.

I created a series of mix media Spring canvases in the course of 3 evenings.  Sometimes, an idea comes to my mind and I just have to set aside everything else.  My studio is already full of too many in progress piles, for example:

Vintage Linen Lined Zippered Bags ...
waiting for me to sew

Receipts (Sales/Expenses) organized & sorted ... 
waiting to be entered into a spreadsheet

Vintage Tablecloths & Vintage Hankies washed....
waiting to be ironed and tagged

Vintage Doilies washed..
(Posted yesterday)
waiting to be sorted to become garlands/buntings

Embroidered Linens washed...
waiting to be ironed & put away for future use 
(Pin Cushions/Birds/other)

Despite all of those piles, I just created another pile as I gathered my mix media art supplies. 

Amy from the Pink Attic Cat and I have been discussing several ideas, including decoupaging a large background area in text paper (an idea from Pinterest).  Soon after, Anita and Patrice, of the Checkered Corner, gave me a wonderful book, A Victorian Flower Album.  You can see the post and picture of the cover here.  Over this past weekend, I had an idea I just had to create.  Perhaps it's because we have had many frigid COLD winter days in Colorado and I am ready for Spring.   I love doing mix media projects but it seems I rarely get to do them due to lack of time and other commitments.  This time, I decided I just needed to do it.

On Monday, I went to Kinkos and made color copies of some of the pages in the Victorian Flower Album.   I wanted to use those flowers but I was not going to use the original pages. Then I went to Guiry's where I  purchased the canvases.  I also used vintage Dresden style roses and butterflies (an estate sale find). Monday night I started working on these canvases.  By Wednesday night, I was done.  

They now sit on my living room fireplace mantle.  I am ready for Spring!

Here are closeups of the canvases:

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