Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Lined Zippered Bags using J. Wecker Frisch's Handmaids Fabric

Not surprising my plans to create new lined zippered bags took a slight "creative" detour.  My original plan was to sort through many bins of vintage linens; such as, vintage tablecloths and embroidered linens.  I did do that.

Next, set aside those vintage linens to create lined zippered bags in various sizes and styles.  I have done that but the sewing portion remains very much in progress.

My detour?

New fabric I found ...

You can find Handmaids blog here.

I simply love these girls so much I had to create an assortment of lined zippered bags.  I have a few done but have many  more cut ...  just waiting for me to sew.  

The smaller lined zippered bags are about 6.5 x 6.75 inches.  They are the right size to fill with small cosmetics and add the small bag inside your handbag.  You can also create a little sewing kit -- just add a few sewing supplies and notions.  

You can find these at the Checkered Corner this weekend:
Size is about 6.5 x 6.75, fully lined with Handmaids coordinating fabric with a layer of fleece for added support. 

Size approximate 11 x 11 inches.  An i Pad will fit inside.

The Checkered Corner will be open 
Thursday, February 13th from 3 to 6 p.m.
 Friday, Saturday & Sunday
February 14, 15, & 17
Visit Checkered Corner  blog for more details on time and location. 

This will be the last month Isa Creations will be at the upstairs bedroom at the Checkered Corner.  After this month, most of my inventory will be  packed until the summer outdoor markets begin.  A sampling of items will be at the Pink Attic Cat.

One of this months theme at the Checkered Corner is Sewing/Notions.  So I thought my new lined zippered Handmaids bags would be a prefect fit for this months theme.  Earlier this morning,   I added these new lined zippered bags at the Checkered Corner.  Although these girls are great on their own, I added free motion stitching to these girls, especially their hair.  All of my bags have a layer of fleece for added support and with the freestyle stitching it gives it an added layer of dimension.  More of these girls lined zippered bags remain to be sewed, but this is a preview of more to come.


You can also find them at the Pink Attic Cat, located at 
2555 W. Alamo
in downtown Littleton
You can visit Pink Attic Cat's Facebook page here.

These are the  6.50 x 6.75 lined zippered Handmaids bags you will find at the Pink Attic Cat.

Closeup of the free motion stitching on the hair...

I have a handful of new vintage linen lined zippered bags at both the  Checkered Corner and the Pink Attic Cat.  I will post those tomorrow.


  1. Hi Isabel - These are great! Wonderful job. I especially like the extra stitching in the hair details. These are way cool. It looks like you are enjoying the Handmaids as much as I do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks. I am enjoying the Handmaids fabric. I just ordered more fabric!