Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank You to Anita and Patrice of Checkered Corner

This week I will start to pack up the upstairs room at the Checkered Corner where up until this past weekend, it was home to Isa Creations.

Anita and Patrice have been wonderful to work with at the Checkered Corner.  I received a sweet card along with wonderful gifts:

This book of flower illustrations is one I wanted to purchase from the Checkered Corner.  I saw the book last week when I was setting up for last weekend's opening.  I called Anita last Friday morning, asked her to set it aside for me and told her I would pay her this week for it.

Imagine my surprise this morning, to find this book was now a gift from them! They both signed it on the inside with sweet  message from each of them. I love this book and love my little plant in this pretty tea cup set.

Thank you so much ladies!  I loved being a part of the Checkered Corner this past year.  I have learned much from you both and feel that I have grown as an artist and vendor this past year.

Best of all, I cherish my friendship with both Anita and Patrice and look forward to our friendship to continue to grow in the coming years. 

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