Friday, March 9, 2012

Bejweled Bookmarks Inspired by Somerset Life & Pinterest

I am looking forward to tomorrow's show, Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar :


As usual, I had more new items I wanted to create for the show but simply did not have enough time.  However, one of the items I was able to create just in time for the show are the bejeweled bookmarks.    I loved the picture of the bejeweled bookmarks on the cover of the Oct/Dec 2009 issue of Somerset Life.    Andrea Singarella created these bejeweled bookmarks published by Somerset Life.

Just like the Lavender Scented Vintage Lace Sachets, I already had most of the items I needed to make them.   I have been collecting vintage earrings and pins for about a year.  Most, I found at estate sales, but a few I got on Ebay and Etsy.  I have used the earrings as centers for my felted wool flowers.  For this show, I originally planned on making rings but when I was jumping from board to board on Pinterest (which I love) I found the bejeweled bookmarks (which had been published by Somerset Life).  I knew then, my collection of vintage earrings and pins would not become rings ...instead they would become Bejeweled Bookmarks.

I will have them available at Spring Sugar Plum. 

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