Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Alex!

Today is my baby boy's birthday.  Don't tell him I referred to him as my baby boy because he is now 8 and does not like the word baby associated with him!

We had his birthday party with many of his 2nd grade friends at the Elvis Cinema last Saturday.  On March 17th, St. Patty Day -- also known as Grandpa Wagner's birthday, Alex had his birthday party.  Today, we travel to Austin Texas to spend time with the Wagner side of the family.  This is our Spring Break vacation.   Alex will get to spend part of his birthday with his grandparents and tomorrow, we will have a small family birthday party celebration  in honor of  Alex and his grandpa.

The birthday cake is one of our family traditions.  I decorate a cake with a theme that reflects my child's favorite thing.  This year, it's all about Star Wars and The Clone Wars for Alex.  He loves Legos...or many who know him well will say he is obsessed with Lego's because that is all he seems to play with these days.  So can you imagine the joy in my child when you combine Lego's and Star Wars!  Priceless!

Using food colors and brushes I use exclusively for painting cakes, I painted one of Alex's favorite...R2D2.  Alex would of like Darth Vader on the cake but I did not think I could paint Darth on the cake since it is hard to work with black on black on a canvas like a cake.  Thankfully, Alex was very happy with R2D2! 

 When I saw the Star Wars fabric at JoAnn's, I knew I had to purchase it.  Alex loved the idea of making little bags for his friends.  The bags had many Star Wars theme birthday treats, including a candy light saber.
 Keeping with tradition, along with a birthday cake, I also make special popcorn and Hershey chocolate wrappers for my kid's birthday parties.  The birthday boy was very happy with these:

On another note, a movie Laura and I have eagerly been anticipating is out.  Actually, midnight last night.  Laura asked to go see the midnight release of the Hunger Games but I had to say's a school night.  You would think saying no to her would be easy but it was not!  I wanted to go see it at midnight too!  Laura and I have read the all the them, as disturbing as they were, LOVED them.   Maybe we will see it while we are in Austin. 

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