Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break in Austin, Texas

Our family trip  has been mixed with family responsibilities and time to explore the city of Austin.  My father-in law's sugery went very well on Monday and he is recovering nicely...we are all very grateful for that.  In between hospital visits we have taken time to see parts of Austin we have never had the opportunity to see before. 

We had a great time over the weekend spending time with family.  We got to enjoy the Alamo Drafthouse cinema on two occasions.  First time on Saturday night (10:45p.m. showing) when we went to see the Hunger Games and on Tuesday afternoon to see The Lorax.  We spent a little time on Capital  Congress Street to visit Uncommon Objects, among other antique shops.  Alex found a vintage Star Wars Storm Trooper mask (it's fragile since it is a thin layer of plastic) on Capital Congress street...he just had to have it.  He had birthday cash so he did not hesitate one bit! 

We have also had a sampling of great food.  The kids and I enjoyed our tacos at a food truck eatery...yum!  Earlier today we had lunch at one of our favorites (from our time living in Texas)...Chuy's.  I even got a t-shirt ...a spin off on the Hunger Games!   Our visit to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center has to be one of my are just beautiful!


  1. I've come to you from Pinterest -- I love your blog. You have such beautiful things! I signed up for your feed and look forward to more, more, more.