Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar - LOTS of Booth Photos!

Last Saturday and Sunday (March 10 & 11th), Staci and I had a successful weekend at the Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar.  We worked very hard, before (adding new inventory) and during (setting up/sales) the Bazaar.

I  used the square app for the first time! Getting a new smart phone in order to be able to use the square to accept credit card sales was a great investment.   Inspired by Spring, both Staci and I added many new items to our inventory of handmade goods.  Creating a banner with my business name is one goal I finally accomplished:

I took many pictures of our booth at the Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar.  Most of the pictures on this blog posting are mine...Isa Creations.  The last four photos are Staci's handmade items, including a closeup photo of one of my favorites (and favorites of many of our customers).

 Sugar Plum Bazaar was a great experience!  We continue to learn from our fellow vendors and loved meeting new customers.  I kept going downstairs (we were in the carriage house) to see Amy from The Pink Attic to add treasures to my "bag."   I can honestly say that a portion of my profits were spent at the Pink Attic booth!  Love my vintage treasures.

Isa Creations

Isa Creations

Vintage Hankies -- Isa Creations

Vintage Linens & Tart Tins  Pin Cushions- Isa Creations

Paper Origami Dresses - Isa Creations

Vintage Linen Birds - LOTS OF THEM - Isa Creations

Butterfly Pins - Isa Creations

Vintage papers Butterfly Magnets - Isa Creations

Metal Dress-form covered in Felted Wool Flower Magnets - Isa Creations

Vintage Linen & Findings Pin Cushions Decoration - Isa Creations

Isa Creations

Vintage Papers Flower Magnets - Isa Creations

Vintage Findings Velvet Ribbon Bookmarks - Isa Creations

Paper Garlands, Paper Dresses, Felted Wool Butterfly Magnets & Rings - Isa Creations

More Tart Tin/Jell-O Mold and Vintage Linens Pin Cushions - Isa Creations

Staci's Table

Staci's Table

Staci's Table

Closeup of Staci's Birdhouse Pendants - a favorite of mine!


  1. Your booths look have such a wonderful assortment of goodies. I wish I lived would have been lovely to come. I can see why Staci's birdhouse pendants are favorites...and I love your hankie dresses and the birds are wonderful! So glad I found your blog!

  2. Do you have any more info on your hankie dresses? I'm curious how they are made...? Just lovely to look at all of your creations, thanks!

  3. How can I buy one of your vintage hankie dresses?

  4. I also am interested in the hankie dresses. I have approximately 150 hankies, give or take a few and would love to make some dresses for gifts. The pincushions are lovely too. I have some linens that I thought were ready for the rag bag but will now have a new life. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Just found your blog! Love, Love, Love! Beautiful and Creative. So going to enjoy following you.