Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lavender Scented Vintage Lace Sachets

The upcoming Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar has motivated me to create new items. 

It's interesting how things sometimes just come together.  I recently took another on-line course, just for fun...for inspiration.  The e-course was a joint class by Christy Tomlinson and A Gilded Life.  The course was
One of the course descriptions was we would learn how to make a "gorgeous soft wool felt "sachet", strung with pink rosary chain. This can be fashioned completely from the scraps in your sewing basket."    So with great anticipation I watched the course video and was totally inspired to create many of these sachets!

Thanks to the many estate sales I have acquired a great stash of vintage lace, trims, crochet doilies, rhinestone buttons and other vintage findings.  Although I have found bags of lace at bargain prices, I have invested many hours in carefully washing the lace and even, yes....ironing the lace.  The washing machine and the dryer really wrinkle the lace to the point where it's not very attractive.  The iron (on a low setting) brings new life to this vintage lace.  When I purchased the lace and crochet doilies, I purchased them because I just like them (and a great bargain).  I did not have any tangible plans for them.  I assumed I would make something with them but at the time, honestly I had no idea of what that would be.

Then....I watched the video on how to make these heart sachets and I knew.  I already had most of the supplies....I had an awesome collection ready to be transformed.  I just purchased the felt and fabric glue from JoAnn's and got to work.  And, just like many things I create, this took a life of it's own...again!

I just made lots and lots of lavender scented sachets!  My work area was a complete mess for a week. My work area is usually somewhat messy because I always have something in progress, but this was messy beyond words.  Thank goodness I have my own studio to make a huge mess that does not affect the rest of my house.  There was lace everywhere...on the work table, on the floor...everywhere!  These heart pillows were definitely fun to create.  So here they are...
Larger size

Smaller size

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