Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break in Texas - March 2015

I am happy to report my family and I had a wonderful time on our Spring Break trip to Texas.  Our road trip started a week and a half ago on a Saturday where we spend a night in Ft. Worth after a very long day on the road.  Sunday morning we continued our road trip to Austin where we had brunch with my mother in law.  My son Alex was happy to celebrate his 11th birthday, Monday March 23rd, with the entire Wagner family in Austin, TX.  We all enjoyed a delicious dinner at Chuy's Mexican restaurant, a favorite of my family.

On Wednesday afternoon, our road trip continued to Corpus Christi/North Padre Island.  One of my favorite things about my home state is the wildflowers along Texas highways.  This trip did not disappoint, the beautiful blooming wildflowers were everywhere!

 Mornings and evenings into late night were spent at the fishing pier.  David and the kids had great success catching fish on several piers,  while I enjoyed snapping pictures.

David caught these two large fish with one casting!   A fellow fisherman helped him bring the fish up.  Impressive catch!
 Alex caught smaller fish.  Laura caught a few as well.
 Loved fishing on the pier at night.

 Next morning, back at it at a different pier.

 Alex loves to play in the sand.
 A great day for the Wagner family!

 During the day we visited one of the museums and spent time on the beach.   It was too windy and cold for the kids to swim, but we enjoyed looking for seashells.

Friday afternoon, we were  back on the road towards San Antonio. TX to spend time with June and her husband David.  June and I spent a girls day out on Saturday.  Our day started really early as we left her home soon after 5:00 a.m. to drive to Roundtop, Texas to spend a day at the famous Texas Antique Week event.  More on this day and pictures from that day in a later post.  The kids and both David's (my husband and June's husband) spent the day with the kids as they drove to Fredricksburg, TX.

Monday we left San Antonio at 7 a.m.  Although I should say with the morning traffic, we did not leave the city of San Antonio until 8 a.m. and really started our trip home.  Originally, we planned on spending the night somewhere and continuing the road trip home on Tuesday.   My husband decided to keep driving and we arrived home around midnight.  However, by our clock it was really 1:00 a.m. since we "gained" an hour when we came home.

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