Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vintage Lace & Trim Scarfs

I always has more ideas and materials to create things than I have time to make EVERYTHING
 I want to create.  One of those things I have been wanting to create for some time are

Vintage Lace & Trim Scarfs.

I love the feel and look of old lace and trims.  Unfortunately, this old lace is rarely in pristine condition.  Usually it has areas where the lace is torn.  That is why, creating scarfs using lace with issues is perfect.  I simply cut out the bad area and use the good parts. 

Another favorite of mine, and my friend Amy's (of the Pink Attic Cat) is old eyelet fabric.  In fact, she already has one of my vintage eyelet scarves (not photographed).  I love the embroidered details and the soft feel of the cotton fabric. 

All of these Vintage lace & trim scarfs will be available at local markets

A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove this Saturday, May 2nd
 and at 
Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market the following Saturday, May 9th.

 This one is a little different. I combine a soft yellow embroidered lace fabric with a silky floral print scarf.


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