Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vintage Quilt and Crochet Buntings or Garlands, Part 1 of 4

After I finished sewing all the pillows, I started work on many 

Vintage Buntings or Garlands

I will be posting the pictures for these buntings in 3 separate posts.  Again, all of these items will be available at upcoming markets.  

All these buntings/garlands will be available this May 
at A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove, May 2nd 

These pillows were once vintage embroidered linens now re-purposed in fun decorative pillows:

I will start with the tattered quilt buntings.  This is one of 4 quilts I found at an estate sale about 3 weeks ago.  These were quit the find.  

Vintage Crochet Buntings or Garlands


 More buntings in tomorrows, post...part 2 of 3

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