Friday, April 10, 2015

Vintage Hankie Table Runners, Part I

I have seen on Pinterest many ways to re-purpose vintage hankies.  One of them is to create table runners by sewing together Vintage Hankies. 

As it often happens, something I see on Pinterest inspires me to create something similar but with my own twist added it.

My Vintage Hankie table runners have several elements:

Vintage Hankie
Vintage Doilies
Vintage Trim
White Linen Fabric

Lots and lots of time to put it all together to create

A One of a Kind Vintage Hankie Table Runner

Layers and Layers of Hankies, Trim and Doilies.  It's like a collage of vintage materials. Since our return from our Spring Break Texas Road trip, I have been busy creating.

I have many new one of a kind Vintage Hankie Runners so this will be the first of several posts which photos of my new vintage hankie table runners.  They all vary in length and width.  I will have them available at upcoming markets in May (A Paris Street Market and Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market).

I want to thank Amy (Pink Attic Cat) for lending me her rustic wood table and ladder to take photos of my Vintage Hankie Table Runners. 

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