Friday, October 26, 2012


This truly has been a week of highs and lows.  Highs because I am happy to have found a place to sell my handcrafted items in Historic Downtown Littleton at Alamo Antiques, Boutique & Art Gallery.  I am excited about this new venture.

Lows because this has been an exhausting few weeks.  I have spent a lot of time sorting, tagging, packing my inventory for my booth at Alamo Antiques, Boutique & Art Gallery and for the CreativiTea Craft show.  Every single item had to be tagged!   CreativiTea craft show has a central checkout so this requires every item be tagged with my vendor number and price.  The same for Alamo Antiques, Boutique & Art Gallery.

Yesterday, I setup my booth for CreativiTea.  This space is smaller that most of the shows I have done....only 6 x 8!  It was a challenge that required time and patience, but I am happy with the results.  I managed to display everything I took with me.

I look forward to reading a book from my Nook (birthday gift from my husband and kids) during the CreativiTea craft show.  I like interacting and talking to customers and other vendors, but I can also relax and enjoy a book during the slow times.  This show is more relaxing because I can socialize but I don't have to worry about handling cash or the square (credit card sales) -- it will all be handled by the ladies of CreativiTea.

I also want to thank my friend Amy who has helped me so much this week.  I would not of  succeeded in this weeks endeavors without her help.  She has picked up Alex from school on Tuesday so I could continue to setup by booth at Alamo Antiques, Boutique & Art Gallery and Thursday so I could setup by booth at CreativiTea....and she will pick him up today while I am at CreativiTea.  My daughter Laura has also helped me this week by taking care of her brother Alex.  

Here is more information on the 2 day show:

Pictures of my booth at CreativiTea:
Front Side of my booth

Side of by Booth - I love my new door screen display boards.
I forgot my vintage linen bird tree which will go on the metal base with the snowmen clips.  I will add that, along with the vintage embroidered linen birds this morning before the show opens.

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